Skin care can go a long way in keeping your skin glowing, healthy and vibrant for years. Even if you don’t have time for the intensive skin care treatments, you could still take very good care of your skin by going back to the basics. A number of good lifestyle choices can go a long Read more »

Most skin cancers are caused due to excessive exposure to sunlight. There are two kinds of non-melanoma skin cancer. They are Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. There is a higher incidence of BCC if there is some history of sunburn. If someone has experienced many episodes of sunburn during his childhood, he faces Read more »

Moles can be defined as a group of pigmented cells which look like dark, little marks on a person’s skin. Medically recognised as nevi, these spots differ in size as well as colour. Though moles can appear anywhere on the body, they usually occur on the arms, legs and face. Majority of moles don’t cause Read more »

How to Get a Cosmetic Mole Removed The presence of moles on the skin’s surface is a common condition. Nearly all people have at least a few moles – some of which may even be present from birth. In some cases, the moles are located in less visible areas and are not a source of Read more »

Why I Should be Concerned about Skin Cancer Cancer, an ugly term with an uglier connotation, continues to kill and destroy the lives of millions of people every year. Each diagnosis is usually regarded as a death sentence without the trial or jury. Patients will try any and all treatments to rid themselves of the Read more »