Cellulite Treatment Melbourne

Using ONDA Machine

Get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite and enjoy the curved body of your dreams thanks to ONDA technology available now at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

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Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne’s non-surgical treatment offering extends further with the ONDA Laser System by Deka, the best cellulite treatment Melbourne can offer that reduces skin-surface heating when compared to other procedures. DEKA, the manufacturers of the globally-renowned Laserlipolysis® treatment, has created ONDA, an effective system for body contouring and cellulite reduction.

This award-winning revolutionary technology makes use of microwaves called Coolwaves™ which will target and kill fat cells. ONDA can also affect the connective tissues between the adipose lobules while also inducing immediate shrinkage of the collagen fibres in the dermis and stimulate the production of new collagen for quick and noticeable fat reduction.

Far more intense than other treatments available, ONDA only requires monthly sessions to see great results. Patients have referred to the sensation of the ONDA machine as the equivalent of a deep tissue massage which is far more comfortable than other procedures.

Cellulite Treatment Melbourne

ONDA generates waves at 2.45HGz, a very selective frequency for fat melting. This is most suitable for problem areas of stubborn fat, including:

  • Post-baby belly
  • Upper arm fat
  • Buttocks
  • Stomachs
  • Thighs
onda technology
The new ONDA technology offers fast and effective results with a comfortable procedure that requires minimal downtime.
Cellulite Treatment Melbourne
The feeling of the ONDA procedure has been likened to that of a deep tissue massage.Image Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv6tVxZ3nqM
The benefits of ONDA

The use of electromagnetic waves in aesthetic medicine is by no means a new idea. This process has been present in the industry for many years, with extremely successful results. ONDA technology has taken this idea one step further with the development of their unique microwave technology. Technological advances in the world of cosmetic surgery such as this mean that the removal of unwanted fat tissue and cellulite is much simpler, with the added bonus of improved skin laxity — all of this in a quick and comfortable session that doesn't require any downtime.

ONDA is targeted at the exact spots required to reduce fat, cellulite, and tighten skin.  This is because the frequency of the microwaves energy is less absorbed by water, a significant component of skin.  The ONDA Coolwaves largely bypass the surface and are preferentially absorbed in the fat and connective tissue. The result is an effective treatment that maximises comfort.

The main benefits include:

  • Fat reduction due to disruptions of the fat cell membranes to help target localised fat deposits on a wide range of body areas
  • Cellulite reduction due to targeting of the connective tissue surrounding fat cells that cause the appearance of cellulite
  • Skin tightening with greater comfort
  • Tailored treatments to the body for a more individual
  • Smart handpieces that change colour when optimal contact is made with the skin to assist operators in delivering the most effective treatment possible
  • Integrated cooling in the handpieces creates a thermal layer protecting the epidermis and the dermis, allowing the action to be concentrated at the targeted structures deeper in the skin
onda treatment
ONDA provides a tailored treatment that specifically targets your problem areas leaving you with a body you’ll be excited to show off.
Image Ref: https://sg.style.yahoo.com/review-tried-body-tightening-treatment-uses-microwaves-target-body-fat-cells-105242953.html
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Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne keep on top of the latest methods and innovations in cosmetic enhancement to provide the best service possible to our patients. This is why we are so excited to now offer the ONDA system. We have been watching its progress in the industry and are convinced that it is an excellent way to target unwanted fat in the body. To ensure that ONDA is the best procedure based on your current situation and goals, speak to our team about a free consultation today. Be it ONDA or one of our many other services; we will find the procedure that is right for you. We will ensure you are equipped with all of the necessary information and support you every step of the way throughout your process on the way to your new look.

After the initial consultation, our staff will support you through every step of the procedure and provide ongoing support and resources for your recovery. With ONDA the downtime is virtually non-existent, so we doubt you will have an issue, but the Chelsea Cosmetics team are always on-hand in case you do. Our highly qualified cosmetic skin doctors and support staff work to put the patients first, with their comfort and safety as the top priority.

Speak to us today for a free consultation or to answer any questions you may have. Achieving the best results for your body, newfound confidence, and a refreshed look is the primary goal, join our large group of patients who have been very happy with their results today.

Cellulite Treatment Melbourne

Why Choose Chelsea Cosmetics?

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Most Advanced Technologies

We always look for the most advanced technology all over the world and we pioneered Fat concentrate transplant, Skin Mesotherapy gun and Plasma pen fibroblast treatment.

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Surgical Safety

Dr Mark Attalla has a 20 years of surgical experience in cosmetic surgery. All the patients are examined well for their suitability for surgeries and all the required tests are done before surgery.

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Continuous Learning

We also pride ourselves with keeping up to date with the ever changing cosmetic industry. Continuous learning is the only way we can provide the latest and most effective procedures.

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Delivering Positive Patient Experiences

Find out how cosmetic surgery has improved the quality of life of others.

How it Works

What does the procedure involve?

The microwaves generated by ONDA bypass the uppermost layers of skin tissue, helping deliver more energy and heat directly to where it is needed: the subcutaneous fat cells. This helps dramatically reduce the heating of the surface tissue, resulting in an extremely effective fat reduction treatment.

Deep penetration tackles focused fat deposits and effectively causes fat cell death. By targeting the connective tissue, the Chelsea Cosmetics team are able to reduce stubborn cellulite dramatically. This causes immediate shrinkage and stimulation of the collagen fibres, which results in dramatic skin tightening.

cellulite treatment melbourne before after
Here we see the before and after results of the ONDA process on the buttocks and thighs. Image Ref: https://www.cosmeticclinicpoole.com/onda-laser-fat-cellulite-reduction/

Before deciding if ONDA is right for you, book a free consultation with the Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne team to discuss your goals and find out all of the options that are available to you. Our expert staff are well-versed in all procedures and will be able to answer all of your questions before you make a decision.

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At Chelsea Cosmetics, we charge from $360 for cellulite treatment using ONDA (Cool Waves).

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