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As we age, we often long for the smooth skin of our youth. Skin that looks healthy, soft and has more elasticity. Skin is healthy and plump when the tissues holding it are compact, including the fatty layer, the blood vessels, the supporting collagen fibres, and the hydrating gel.

Historically, facial lines or wrinkles used to be filled. However, with revolutionary advancements, there are various products in cosmetic surgery which can now restore the primary skin volume, attaining a more natural and longer-lasting outcome.

Dermal fillers are one such option which Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne offer; a non-surgical treatment fundamentally used to shape and proportion the face. Facial volume loss is one of the critical factors in the aging process, and dermal fillers work to combat this.

What exactly are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injections of a natural substance found in the body that restores the skin’s natural support structures which are often damaged by aging. When injectable and skin treatments are combined, it creates an amplified effect with often better results.

If you are interested in dermal fillers, our Melbourne based practice Chelsea Cosmetics can give you all of the information that you are looking for during a free consultation with us. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions and ensure this procedure is right for you. We will present you with a range of options as well as all the required information to ensure you feel comfortable about the procedure before moving forward.

The benefits of dermal fillers

Some of the main benefits of dermal fillers includes;

  • Lip enhancement; adding volume and definition to the lips
  • The restoration of facial volume as we age
  • The correction of asymmetries created either naturally or from injury
  • Thick dermal fillers can enhance cheekbones for a plumper look
The facts about dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can help the restoration of volume to various areas of the face which means we can non-surgically enhance or lift the shape of the face. These dermal fillers are made of a substance naturally found in the skin to reduce or prevent allergic reactions.

The face can often fold, wrinkle, or flatten as a result of the ageing process. Dermal fillers can help to refresh and rejuvenate the face for longer periods giving a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical facial enhancement applicable to areas including;

  • Lip and cheek enhancement
  • Disguising bags under eyes or filling tear troughs
  • Nose reshaping
  • Facial volume
  • Skin tightening or lifting
  • Brow shaping
  • Non-surgical facelift or jowl reduction
  • Forehead contour
  • Line smoothing
  • Wrinkle and frown line smoothing
Dermal fillers can help the restoration of volume to various areas of the face which can non-surgically enhance or lift the shape of the face. They are made of a substance naturally found in the skin to reduce or prevent allergic reactions.
Dermal fillers can help the restoration of volume to various areas of the face which can non-surgically enhance or lift the shape of the face. They are made of a substance naturally found in the skin to reduce or prevent allergic reactions.
Are dermal fillers right for me?

We see a variety of people who use dermal fillers to solve an issue they may have with their appearance, both men and women. The most common age range for the procedure is between 30 to 60 years old as the solution is best for those who are interested in minimising the early signs of ageing.

Patients older than 60 may also benefit from dermal filler injections; however, the optimal candidates are those with skin that is still relatively flexible.

Melbourne goes to Chelsea Cosmetics

Chelsea Cosmetics constantly endeavors to make our clients happy by doing our very best to achieve their desired outcome. From the initial consultation to procedure, recovery and post procedure, our team is on hand to take the ultimate care of our clients.

Our highly qualified cosmetic skin doctors aim to provide the best quality of services via our accredited clinic which features up to date products and procedures. The team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne have been administering dermal filler injectors for many years and are specialists, well experienced with the procedure. We work with our patients to understand their aesthetic goals then apply our knowledge and expertise to help achieve the desired outcome.

Our extensive range of dermal fillers gives us the option to find the ones best suited to your needs and situation. Our goal is to help you obtain a realistic and achievable outcome while offering a careful and honest aesthetic assessment and making sure your procedure is as comfortable as possible.

We believe that you deserve to look and feel your absolute best which means we are committed to helping you get the results that will boost your confidence. For dermal fillers, Melbourne calls us as we work to replenish and enhance your natural beauty, so contact us today for a consultation to see how we can best help you.

Why Choose Chelsea Cosmetics?

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Most Advanced Technologies

We always look for the most advanced technology all over the world and we pioneered Fat concentrate transplant, Skin Mesotherapy gun and Plasma pen fibroblast treatment.

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Surgical Safety

Dr Mark Attalla has 20 years of surgical experience in cosmetic surgery. All the patients are examined well for their suitability for surgeries and all the required tests are done before fat removal surgery.

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Continuous Learning

We also pride ourselves with keeping up to date with the ever changing cosmetic industry. Continuous learning is the only way we can provide the latest and most effective procedures.

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Delivering Positive Patient Experiences

Find out how cosmetic surgery has improved the quality of life of others.

How it Works

Types of dermal fillers

There are a wide variety of dermal fillers that provide results that can range in longevity anywhere from 4 to 24 months. The various fillers are better suited using different applications and the staff at Chelsea Cosmetics will advise you on which option is best suited to your needs during your free consultation.

Dermal fillers are often made from a transparent gel substance that is naturally found in the skin. They can often vary in thickness and viscosity with finer compounds usually not lasting as long as thicker ones. The finer fillers are best suited to areas where smoothness is critical. Thicker fillers are used to create volume in areas like the cheeks.

Some fillers will also feature a local anaesthetic to reduce the amount of pain during the procedure.

The face can often fold, wrinkle, or flatten as a result of the ageing process. Dermal fillers can help to refresh and rejuvenate the face. These fillers are a non-surgical facial enhancement applicable to a variety of areas.
The face can often fold, wrinkle, or flatten as a result of the ageing process. Dermal fillers can help to refresh and rejuvenate the face. These fillers are a non-surgical facial enhancement applicable to a variety of areas.
The results

It is quite common that after a session with dermal fillers you will experience some transient redness. There may also be some swelling, primarily if a lip enhancement procedure has been performed. It is important to note that this swelling will temporarily enhance the effect of the dermal filler, with this sometimes taking three or more days to subside, revealing the actual improvement. Dermal fillers are attracted to water but can sometimes also take up to a week to hydrate. Therefore, wait a week or more for the exact result.

You may also experience some light bruising which can also take a week or two to subside. We can avoid bruising with a blunt-tip cannula, as opposed to the use of sharp needles if necessary.

There may also be some small lumps as a result of the procedure which will also disappear after a few weeks. Treatments around the eyes may experience some puffiness, both of these reactions can be assisted with hyaluronidase.

A rare, but possible side effect can be a bacterial or viral infection, such as a cold sore. Chelsea Cosmetics ensure a proper cleansing of the skin prior to treatment to lessen this risk, however. If you are prone to cold sores, be sure to let us know as an antiviral medication prior to treatment may be suggested.

It is important to note that dermal filler treatment is a very safe, non-surgical procedure that has been used for over twenty years.

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Dermal filler comes in a gel form and it is designed to replace volume loss but it does not affect the facial movements and that makes the face fuller and looking younger while anti wrinkle injection is designed to freeze the muscle action locally and that stops the wrinkles. Dermal fillers cannot replace antiwrinkle injection and vice versa.

The duration of the results differ per patient as individual skin type and condition, lifestyle and age can affect the results. The duration can also depend on the amount of product used. Follow-up sessions are usually recommended after the initial treatment every 6 to 12 months, but treatment can often last up to 12 - 18 months.

Dermal fillers are used primarily for lip enhancement or to outline the border of the lips. This enhances lip definition, size, and pout. The nasolabial lines which go from the corner of the mouth to those of the nose can be filled with a thick gel which will last for roughly six months and is easily reversible.

When dealing with fine lines, finer fillers will be used as opposed to dermal fillers. You may also like to consider skin resurfacing with lasers which is a more permanent option which requires greater recovery time.

After injecting dermal fillers is common to experience some swelling that could last for 24-48 hours.

Some people can consume dermal filler quicker than others and that is usually happens if they are more active or having a much faster metabolism. Dermal fillers as well as collagen get damaged by UVB exposure, so wearing a good physical sunscreen can prolong the results of dermal fillers.

Some of the dermal fillers are reversible and some are not. The reversible ones have higher safety than the non reversible. In rare conditions where the results are not satisfactory or if an artery got injected accidentally during the treatment, the treating doctor can inject a special medicine called Hylaze which dissolves the product and reverse the dermal filler effect.

As dermal filler resembles a natural substance from the body, the risk of allergic reaction is small. There are however always risks involved with any injectable cosmetic treatment which will be explained in full by our friendly staff during your free consultation.

The main reason why people get dermal fillers is to smooth facial lines and wrinkles or create fuller lips. They can also shape facial contours around the cheeks and chin while revitalising the skin. Common areas for treatment include:

  • Nose to mouth lines
  • Lips
  • Cheeks

During a Chelsea Cosmetics consultation, our experienced and knowledgeable medical staff will discuss the best filler and treatment areas for you. We will give you information about the amount of fillers required, side effects, after-care, and costs.

The procedure begins with a clean of your face with an antiseptic solution. In some cases, a local anaesthetic, or ice, may be used to numb areas where the filler will be injected. Depending on the situation and amount, fillers will be injected with a needle or cannula. You should only experience mild discomfort during the treatment.

The duration of the treatment will vary depending on the areas and amount required, however, times are often between 30 and 60 minutes. You will be able to apply make-up directly after treatment and resume normal activities however it is best to refrain from heavy exercise.

In some cases, you will require more than one session for optimal results. The first treatment, in particular, is the foundation for subsequent treatments.

Some pain may be experienced during the actual injection with slight pressure or stinging as the product is being injected. If the pain is too much for you, a local anaesthetic cream can be applied to the treated area to help minimise it.

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At Chelsea Cosmetics, we charge from $800 for 1ml of dermal filler, depending on the filler used. Have a read of our dermal filler cost page to find out more about all treatment prices.

We do not use collagen or permanent dermal fillers at Chelsea Cosmetics as we feel that they are not safe.

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