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Often referred to as a Natural Augmentation or Fat Transfer Procedure, fat transfer surgery is appropriate for women with adequate fat stores on various parts of their body who wish to enhance or reshape their breasts with a more natural look.

This subtle augmentation leaves minimal scarring and doubles as two procedures in one as the liposuction procedure will work to slim down another part of the body while enhancing the breasts.

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Fat transfer to breast procedure is more suitable for patients who prefer natural looking breast augmentation

Appropriate for those who are not suitable for a breast implant procedure, or those who already have breast implants and wish to enhance or reshape their breasts after significant weight loss, this procedure will also appeal to those women who are not sure about having a foreign object, such as implants, in their chest.

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne offers a free one on one consultation in which we can assess the areas of your body while discussing your desired outcomes to ensure this is the correct procedure for you. During this consultation we will also be able to provide a detailed accurate cost via a customised quote.

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Chelsea Cosmetic Melbourne can help create the body you desire with a two-in-one procedure that slims down certain areas while enhancing others. Enquire about fat transfer surgery today.

Fat Transfer Melbourne

The fat transfer procedure is long-lasting unless major hormonal changes or massive weight fluctuations occur. A significant benefit of the fat transfer procedure is that there is no increased risk of breast cancer, displacement, rotation or rupture as there are when implants are involved.

Other advantages of the procedure include;

  • Scars that will be less than half a centimetre, hidden in body creases for low impact
  • A more natural look and feel of the breasts
  • Easy correction and creating improved symmetry
  • Restored fullness of the upper breast post-breastfeeding
  • Faster recovery times than implant surgery
  • A Liposculpture procedure and breast enhancement in one
  • No foreign materials for the body to adjust to

Breast Implants Versus Fat Transfer

Breast augmentations with implants are quite popular as technological improvements in implants have made them much softer. Those without adequate fat stores or those who wish for a large cup size will likely need to consider implants.

The fat transfer technique is for more subtle alterations with the added bonus of slimming down other areas and not requiring foreign materials placed in the body.

Those with existing breast implants, however, may benefit from a fat transfer in the cleavage area in cases where weight loss has occurred.

Many women wish to increase their breast size without really wanting to have breast implants. By removing fat from the stomach or thighs, we can boost breast size with a completely natural substance that your body is already used to. There is no cutting involved, simply just a transfer via injection, leaving only puncture marks and possible bruising.

Lumps are prevented by injecting the fat into multiple tunnels in the breast, then moulding it into the desired shape for a natural look and feel.

fat transfer melbourne
Tailor the areas of your body that cause you to feel less confident with a fat grafting and transfer to breasts procedure via Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

Consider a Fat Transfer with Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne Today

The staff at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne offer a free consultation to assess and discuss your current condition and goals to ensure that a fat transfer procedure is the correct option for you. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you like during this period to ensure you are comfortable with the procedure and the expected results.

Together we can find the right solution for your needs and our range of cosmetic procedures will offer a solution that can help bring you confidence and comfort in your appearance. We work to improve the quality of life for our patients with specific solutions and high-quality work.

As the popularity of this procedure grows, the technology advances to help create more desirable results. We ensure that our team are across any possible developments in these areas so you always get the most up-to-date information and best quality of care with our service. Contact us today for a free consultation to evaluate your situation and gather all of the information and costs that you need to start your journey to looking and feeling great again!

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

Why Choose Chelsea Cosmetics?

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Most Advanced Technologies

We always look for the most advanced technology all over the world and we pioneered Fat concentrate transplant, Skin Mesotherapy gun and Plasma pen fibroblast treatment.

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Surgical Safety

Dr Mark Attalla has 20 years of surgical experience in cosmetic surgery. All the patients are examined well for their suitability for surgeries and all the required tests are done before fat removal surgery.

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Continuous Learning

We also pride ourselves with keeping up to date with the ever changing cosmetic industry. Continuous learning is the only way we can provide the latest and most effective procedures.

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Delivering Positive Patient Experiences

Find out how cosmetic surgery has improved the quality of life of others.

Before and After Gallery

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Enhance your breasts by getting a breast augmentation procedure from Chelsea Cosmetics.

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

Breast Augmentation before-and-after

A before and after image of a breast augmentation procedure performed by Chelsea Cosmetics.

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Most Popular FAQs

This is tricky to answer as everyone has varying levels of pain tolerance, but this procedure is not considered to be overly painful due to its subtle nature. Those who struggle with pain can have the procedure done under general anesthesia. You will likely experience some discomfort after the procedure which can be reduced with medication.
As mentioned above there will be no large incisions or extensive cutting meaning your recovery will be much quicker with only minimal to moderate discomfort. On average you may experience discomfort for up to 10 days, during which you will wear a compression garment, with various medication to assist if necessary.

The amount of fat removed from the donor area will determine the level of bruising you may experience, but you should be able to return to work and regular activities within a few days. Lymphatic drainage massages can also help with relaxation and faster healing as well.
Any surgical procedure will bring with it a certain level of risk, however, as you are not dealing with foreign materials in the body or a large incision, complications are uncommon. As with most procedures you do run the risk of infection, bleeding or bruising and in rare occasions cyst formation could occur. All possible associated risks will be discussed in detail with all questions answered during your free consultation with Chelsea Cosmetics.

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