Flaunt Your Figure with Effective Buttock Implant Surgery

Buttock implant surgery is a pretty popular procedure. This cosmetic surgery procedure is meant for enhancing the shape, size and appearance of the butt. Buttock augmentation is all about the surgical insertion of some artificial implants into an individual’s buttocks for creating a shapelier, larger and definitely more sensuous butt. People with underdeveloped buttocks could now gain a more sensuous and proportionate figure thanks to the butt implants.

Women who are aspiring for a perfect hourglass figure could now fulfill their dreams by undergoing the plastic surgery procedure of female butt implants. Men who are not happy with their poorly developed or flat buttocks could opt for male butt implants. Most of the people who underwent buttock augmentation feel that their outfits are fitting better, they look far more attractive and their self-confidence level has got a real boost ever since the surgery.

Right Candidate for Buttock Implants

Butt implant surgery is ideal for people, who are 18 years and above and are in good health. They should be physically and psychologically strong and they should appreciate the fact that butt implants lead to aesthetic enhancement but not perfection. It is a good idea to discuss all your aspirations, goals, and expectations from this surgery with your cosmetic surgeon. You should clearly tell him exactly what modifications you are looking for and exactly what outcomes you are hoping for with butt implants. After a meticulous examination, your cosmetic surgeon would be determining if you are a suitable candidate for the buttock augmentation procedure.

The Buttock Implant Procedure

Buttock implant procedure is actually performed primarily as a simple outpatient procedure that would take about two to three hours. The time taken for the surgical procedure depends on multiple factors including the patient’s anatomy, physician’s experience, the technique used and many others.  Buttock implants are inserted through an incision in the buttock crease or maybe the place where the cheek comes in contact with the back of your thigh. The surgeon creates a large enough pocket for placing the buttock implants.

For both female, as well as, male patients the implants could be placed either below or above the muscle. Once the implants are placed strategically, the surgeon makes sure that the cheeks look natural and symmetrical. The incisions are then closed. Thereafter, a compression garment is used. Buttock augmentation candidates could easily be returning to low-intensity work in just a few days. Full recovery, however, would be taking several months.

Butt Implant Benefits

Butt implant procedure is effective in enhancing the shape and size of patient’s buttocks. Women and men who are not really satisfied with the small size of their butts benefit from a sheer increase in volume. Patients who have been suffering from lack of shape could now be given a sensuous and prominent backside.  Buttock implant surgeries could be providing women and men with certainly a more proportionate figure. This cosmetic surgery is really effective in boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Probable Complications

It is quite possible that the implants could shift and result in asymmetrical looking buttocks. Another possible complication could be that the butt implants could get ruptured or break. This is, however, a rare occurrence.

Dr. Mark Attalla

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