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Talk to Chelsea Cosmetics today, and let our friendly team answer all of your questions to make sure that a male breast reduction is the right solution for you.

During Your Gynaecomastia Consultation, You’ll Receive;

  • A FREE Comprehensive Body Fat Evaluation ($163 Value)
  • A Step By Step Body Transformation Plan ($112 Value)
  • Information on Alternate Procedures to Surgery
  • The Expected Results You Can Achieve
  • All Your Special Questions Answered
  • Clear Pricing, Special Offer & Payment Options

Gynaecomastia before after

Gynaecomastia before after

Surgical and Non-Surgical Male Breast Reduction

  • Safely remove large volumes of stubborn fat from around the breast area
  • Attain muscle definition in the chest
  • A slimmer more youthful profile
  • Lessening the point of the nipples
  • Produce desired permanent results
  • Achieve good skin retraction for people with sagging skin following weight loss
  • Little recovery time - from 4 days (depending on the size of the gynaecomastia and the amount of tissues excised)

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Wondering If You Qualify For Liposuction?

Wondering if you qualify for Gynecomastia Surgery?

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See Why Dr Attalla Is The Best Choice For Your Gynecomastia Surgery

Dr Mark Attalla
MBBCHa, FACCS – Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Mark Attalla has over 15 years of experience treating men with Gynecomastia and places patient safety and satisfaction as his top priorities. Dr Attalla and his team at Chelsea Cosmetics clinic pride themselves on providing patients with the best patient services, and producing results that they will be happy with. No matter if you are nervous about your procedure, or simply need someone there to steady your nerves, our team will be more than happy to assist you.

As one of Australia’s most experienced cosmetic surgery clinics, we will:

  • Ensure that all major surgical procedures are performed with an anaesthetist at an accredited day surgery hospital (some surgeries are done under local anaesthesia)
  • All consultations are booked and take place with the surgeon who will be performing the procedure, not a clinic consultant.
  • All pre and post-operative appointments are included in our quotes.

Other things you can consider;

  • We specialise in liposuction (both surgical & non-surgical procedure)
  • Over 15 years of surgical experience in male breast reduction
  • All-inclusive pricing packages
  • Free consultations with your surgeon
  • Using modern leading technology in gynaecomastia surgery to provide better results for patients

Before & After Results

gynecomastia before after
gynecomastia before after
gynecomastia before after
gynecomastia before after
gynecomastia before after
gynecomastia before after

Flexible, Affordable Gynecomastia Surgery Pricing

Gynecomastia surgery is available for purchasing from just $99 per week, or a one-time amount starting from $3,999. With flexible arrangements we can help make your treatment more affordable. We work with most insurance companies and have many accepted payment plan options.

One Time Payment

Special Price of Gynecomastia is $3,999.

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Affordable & Effective Liposuction Options For Women and Men

The tiny incisions required for a male breast reduction will usually fade away almost entirely with little to no scarring.

Depending on what sort of work you do, less-physical jobs can be returned to within a few days. Light exercise is recommended until you build up to a point where your usual standard of exercise is once again comfortable.

The chest area is injected with tumescent fluid via a micro-cannula which numbs and softens the fat. It is then suctioned out leaving enough fat to look natural and in proportion with your body. In many cases, an incision is made at the lower part of the skin areola junction, and the lump is excised with almost all the breast glands leaving only the ducts attached to the nipple. The procedure is often a simple day surgery.

Gynaecomastia surgery is considered to be a safe procedure that often leads to exceptional results. The technological advances in the world of cosmetic surgery means that procedures like liposuction are much more straightforward. The risks are very low and mitigated by tumescent, antibiotics post-surgery and the skilled team here at Chelsea Cosmetics.

Another risk of the gynaecomastia treatment is Seroma, a situation where fluid remains in the skin and becomes infected. If this were to happen, the fluid may need to be drained but can be treated with antibiotics.It is important to note that any surgical procedure carries risk and not everyone is an appropriate candidate, particularly male breast surgery, which is why the consultation with Chelsea Cosmetics is extremely important to ensure the procedure will be right for you.

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Terms and Conditions:

The cost is an estimate based on an example when the patient is insured. The overall cost can differ from case to case depending on if the patient is insured or non-insured.

This pricing calculation is a guide only. The specific weekly payment amount will be adjusted in relation to the size of the deposit made by the patient.

The quoted cost is for the surgical fee only which includes the cost of the surgeon’s fee, the assistant surgeon’s fee and all related follow up visits.

Additional fees for hospital and anaesthetic fees will still apply.  Prospective patients are encouraged to talk to their insurer for more precise costing.

The price is calculated based on a weekly payment charged over a 1-year period, consisting of 52 equal payments.

All payments for the surgery, hospital fees and anaesthetist are required 2 weeks prior to hospital admission.

Patients are encouraged to book a consultation with Chelsea Cosmetics to have a clear surgical plan developed and so that they are informed of their different options. An initial appointment with Chelsea Cosmetics in some cases could is require an additional fee of $100 if the condition is medically related, with the potential to receive a partial refund from Medicare for some procedures. The Medicare rebate if the patient has a referral is from $40-75 depending on the Medicare item number used.

This initial consultation fee will be deducted from the surgical costs if the patient books the procedure through the Chelsea Cosmetics.

Results will vary from person to person.