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Most of us would like to do away with scars on our face or body. Scars can occur after surgery, burn or bad acne.

Tiny scars or scars in an area which can be camouflaged easily are not a concern as opposed to larger scars that cannot be concealed by clothing or make up. It may leave you thinking if there is a way to eliminate them.

The honest truth is that we can never eliminate scars completely. However, we at Chelsea Cosmetics follow certain techniques to decrease their size and change their appearance.

What is the reason for Scarring?

Scarring occurs after an injury and is a common characteristic of the healing process. There are many factors that influence their appearance and treatment.

The extent of the scar, the intensity of the cut or wound and the area of the wound are all factors that matter. Your age, genes, gender and ethnicity are also important.

Types of Scars:

Keloid scars

Keloid scars occur due to an over active healing mechanism. They expand outside the injured area. In the long run, they may impede activity. Keloid scars can be treated by surgery, steroids injection, or sheets of silicone to even out the scars.

keloid scar removal melbourne
Before and after a keloid scar removal performed by Chelsea Cosmetics.

Cryotherapy (freezing therapy using liquid nitrogen) can be performed to treat small keloid scars. Keloid scars can be prevented by applying pressure treatment or gel pads with silicone when one is injured. This type of scars is more often seen amongst people with darker skin.

Contracture scars

Contracture scars develop when your skin has burnt. These scars tighten the skin which may impede movements. They can extend further, impacting muscles and nerves.

Hypertrophic scars

These are elevated red scars identical to keloids. However they do not extend outside the original injury. Treatments for hypertrophic scars include injections of steroids to minimize inflammation or silicone sheets which even out the scars.

Acne scars

Acne scarring is fairly common. The scars appear if you’ve had acne. There are different types of acne scars, ranging from deep pits to scars . Treatment is determined by the type of acne scars which you might have.


“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

Why Choose Chelsea Cosmetics?

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Most Advanced Technologies

We always look for the most advanced technology all over the world and we pioneered Fat concentrate transplant, Skin Mesotherapy gun and Plasma pen fibroblast treatment.

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Surgical Safety

Dr Mark Attalla has 20 years of surgical experience in cosmetic surgery. All the patients are examined well for their suitability for surgeries and all the required tests are done before fat removal surgery.

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Continuous Learning

We also pride ourselves with keeping up to date with the ever changing cosmetic industry. Continuous learning is the only way we can provide the latest and most effective procedures.

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Delivering Positive Patient Experiences

Find out how cosmetic surgery has improved the quality of life of others.

How it Works

Scar treatments include:

  • Over-the-counter or prescription creams, ointments, or gels
  • Fractional LASER 1540nm.
  • Treatment or removal by surgery

At Chelsea Cosmetics, there are plenty of treatment options available for deep scars depending on individual cases.

Before and after Fractional Laser Scar
Before and after Fractional Laser Scar Removal from Chelsea Cosmetics.

One of the treatment options is skin grafts. In cases where scars have occurred due to surgery; it would be advisable to wait at least a full year before you reach a decision on scar treatment. Often scars can fade and diminish over a period of time.

  • Injections

Some scenarios where the scar is elevated, the only treatment option is an injection of steroid in the scar. This is generally performed fortnightly and you will notice that the scar begins to even out and diminish. In some cases where scars are not depressed and do not run deep; dermal fillers are administered which lift the scar and even them out.

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keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

keloid scar removal

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At Chelsea Cosmetics, we charge from $250 for keloid scar removal.

Have a read of our costs page for a full breakdown.

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