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Nov 17, 2015
Chelsea Cosmetics

Slim Lipo laser lipolysis system is one of the most convenient methods to get rid of unwanted fat. It makes use of the laser wavelength that melts and liquidities unwanted fat so that it can be easily removed with the use of suction devise.

One of the biggest consequences of the traditional liposuction procedure has been sagging, however with the use of Slim Lipo laser liposuction in Melbourne takes this into consideration and makes sure that after the procedure, the client does not suffer from sagging and if any, it can be taken care of. Other than that, it also smoothly contoured surface making it look more even and radiant.

Following are few of the general indications and contraindication which involves in traditional liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure which helps in reducing the unwanted fat which has been deposited due to various reason, one being genetic susceptibility.

Slim Lipo includes lipoma removal and axillary hyperhidrosis is two other situations which may be treated with the help of liposuction in Melbourne procedure.


  • Impractical patient outlooks.

False or immediate results immediately before the consultation due to crash dieting

  • Poor physical health of the client
  • Morbid obesity (mega liposuction controversial due to higher risk of mortality from fluid shifts)


Slim Lipo can be done under general or local anesthesia:

Risks of General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia comes with some risk such as respiratory depression and impairment of protective airway reflexes if not performed under proper guidance. There are few things which must be taken care of such as, consent must be undertaken from the patient to find out any allergy to anesthesia, the regulated dose must be administered, and airway blockage must be checked. There may be chances of dizziness and impairs protective airway reflexes which may cause aspiration of stomach contents. If these things are not properly undertaken, the general anesthesia can lead to problematic breathing pattern which can result in complications.

Tumescent Anesthesia

New and advanced techniques in terms on delivering anesthesia is been made use of, one of them is Tumescent Anesthesia which helps in delivering local anesthesia that enhances safety as it leads to tissue expansion and high anesthetic dilution in order to attain widespread regional anesthesia of skin and hypodermal tissue. This leads to resulting swollen and firm tissue. The very dilute lidocaine and epinephrine are penetrated which is administered in order to achieve more or less the same result without undergoing the risk of intrinsic risks of local anesthesia and blood loss.

The small cannula form tunnels in the intravenous tissue and permit for more operative and less distressing fat removal than the large cannula.

This new and advanced tumescent liposuction technique leads to lesser bleeding as compared to the older liposuction techniques. As a result, there is a loss of only 12 mL of whole blood per liter of unwanted fat extracted during the tumescent liposuction in Melbourne process which is less than 1%.

Getting Started

The very first consultation with the Slim Lipo physician is very important as you get to a medical condition and the course of the procedure. During this meeting, your consultant will be able to access whether Slim Lipo is actually advisable for you and if yes, what will be the results and how much the entire procedure would cost.

During the Procedure

As discussed above, we at Chelsea cosmetics makes use of Slim Lipo which is quite different from the traditional anesthesia process, therefore the client might not have to undergo discomfort as in the traditional anesthesia process, however, slight pinching may be felt with no “ripping” and “tearing” rough experiences. It normally depends upon the pain taking the ability of the client; however, most patients have reported of feeling nothing other than just a slight balminess.


With Slim Lipo, not only the result is amazing but the recovery is also very fast. In most cases, patients experience a slight redness and soreness which does not really hurt and the patient can start with regular activities the very next order to get safeguard the treated areas from any injury it is advisable to wear a compression garment. The results may differ from person to person, therefore, it is advisable to get in touch with the consultant to get a brief idea about the results.

Complications of Liposuction

Common & Minor Complications

When we talk about common and minor complication, then there is no need for the patient to worry as it may not disrupt the person’s way of living and may fade away with time. These may consist of hyperpigmentation of the skin, anomalies of the skin, seromas, hematomas, focal skin necrosis, allergies to a particular drug which may not cause any complication, scarring of the skin, weakness or feeling lack of energy after the treatment, numbness, temporary bruises. The best part about slim lipolysis is that it may not even carry risk of minor complication and therefore the client can feel at peace while undergoing the treatment

Rare & Severe Complications

Why now a day’s people are trying to move to local anesthesia as against general anesthesia is that general anesthesia may be associated with severe complications, which may consist of clotting of blood especially in and around the treated area. Due to the implication of general anesthesia, there may be a change in the body heat and may also lead to excessive blood loss.

Server and rare complications are more common with general anesthesia than local anesthesia and much less with Slim Lipo than traditional liposuction. More though adverse allergic drug reactions can also lead to more complicated situations such as cardiac arrest, permanent nerve damage. If a proper dose of anesthesia is not induced then it can lead to aspiration pneumonia which is quite common and can also cause brain damage as an improper dose of anesthesia can cause lack of oxygen in the blood flow.

Risks of Local Anesthesia

We at Chelsea cosmetics make use of Lidocaine which is regarded as the local anesthetics. We make sure that a proper dose is administered as a dose of exceeding 6 milligrams/liter, patients might experience some noxiousness.


What is Slim Lipo and how is it useful?

Slim Lipo™ body shaping is a groundbreaking treatment that makes use of “fat-melting” laser wavelength know-how driven by a method called Slim Lipo™. Small incisions are made with the help of laser technology which aims at melting the accumulated fat at the targeted area. It’s a very quick process and would reward you with a slim looking body that too with very little turnaround time.

What results can I expect?

The results have been absolutely amazing, our client has seen results which have been very overwhelming with reduction of fat almost everywhere which are permanent if proper lifestyle and diet is followed. The result may vary from patient to patient, therefore it is wise to get in touch with the consultant and discuss their case in length.

Which parts of my body can be treated?

Stomach, back (bra bulge), buttocks, chin, neck, love handles, thighs and upper arms are one of the most treated areas, however; you can treat any part of the body with the help of Slim Lipo laser body sculpting

Is this for men, too?

Yes, Slim Lipo is both for men and women and have shown excellent results on men by removing stubborn unwanted fat. The most common problem area for men has been chest and stomach.

How fast is the slim liposuction procedure?

This again depends upon the area to be treated and can differ with patients’ condition. Generally it takes around an hour to complete the process; however larger coverage may take larger intervals. You can get a rough idea about the duration during your consultation with your consultant.

How many treatments will I need?

Generally, just one single sitting is enough to fight the problem area.

What does the process feel like?

Slim Lipo has been designed while keeping in mind the perfection as well as the comfort of the client. Therefore, generally, the patient only feels a little warmth on while the treatment. This procedure gives due weight age to the comfort and sensitivity of the client.

Where is it performed, in an office setting or an operating room?

Slim Lipo can be performed both in an operating room or an office setting depending upon the physician’s preference.

Can I use Slim Lipo laser body sculpting if I’ve already had liposuction?

Yes, Slim Lipo can be conducted on patients who have already undergone Liposuction. In fact, due to skin irregularities caused due to liposuction, Slim Lipo can help in providing corrective measures by melting the remaining unwanted fat and thereby providing a tightening effect.

How do I know if this is right for me?

It is advisable to get in touch with Slim Lipo physician who would examine you and would be in a position to let you know whether it suits you and what would be the results. In order to find a Slim Lipo physician near you can our Provider Locator

How safe is the Slim Lipo treatment?

Since Slim Lipo treatment is a surgical treatment, therefore, comes with some minor risk which can be discussed with our slim liposuction physician. After weighing the risk and benefits you can come to a consensus

Is Slim Lipo appropriate for heavier patients?

Yes, Slim Lipo may be appropriate for heavier patient however it is advisable to undertake a weight loss program to get good results. Our slim liposuction physician will be able to examine you and will be able to formulate a plan which would help you lose weight before you start the treatment.


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