The Various Non-Invasive Liposuction Procedures to Choose From

It has never been as easy to lose fat as it is these days. It has been, and always will be a healthy lifestyle and exercise that are the golden rules for lean and firm bodies.

Those who have stubborn areas that fail to respond to all-natural methods of fat loss and don’t find the idea of surgery appealing however, there are many options of non-surgical fat loss.

Let’s take a look at all the non-surgical methods available in Chelsea Cosmetics.

Non-Surgical Procedure Options

In general, all non-surgical fat loss procedures are lower in the volume of fat cell loss and detailed sculpting than surgical liposuction. Apart from that, they have much higher safety and much shorter downtime.

One of the most popular procedures is called Coolsculpting, as it has the advantage of less or no downtime and minimal pain. It’s only downside is that it does not provide skin retraction. The fat loss is permanent; however, as the procedure gets rid of 25 percent of fat cells after each session.

coolsculpting before and after
Before and after examples of the Coolsculpting method performed at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

The second non-surgical option for fat loss is an injection method where we inject a fat-dissolving medication into the fatty area. The medicine works on the fat cells membrane, and that kills several cells in the area. It is effective and causes permanent fat reduction, but again it works better in small areas and is not suitable for needle-phobic.

The third option is External Laser fat lipolysis, in which we use a long-wavelength laser called ND Yag to dissolve fat and kill fat cells by heat effect. The temperature of the area has to stay around 42 Celsius for two minutes. This is a good option for uneven skin after liposuction or very small areas of fat, as it has much more effective skin tightening effect as well.

New Developments in Fat Loss

The most recent fat-dissolving option is the ONDA machine, which uses Microwave technology to dissolve the fat cell membrane and to tighten the skin. It can cover large areas like the whole abdomen, whole leg, or arm in one session. This is used primarily for cellulite treatment more than fat reduction, but it can still be used for small areas of fat where skin tightening is most wanted.

onda laser treatment before and after
Before and after examples of the ONDA machine and its effects from Chelsea Cosmetics.
Comparison Points Coolsculpt    Fat injection Laser lipolysis Onda
Fat reduction ++++ ++++ ++ +
Skin shrinkage +/- ++ +++
Down time ++
Pain + +++ + +
Price +++ ++ ++ +++


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