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Chin Augmentation

A shapely, contoured chin can make a face picture perfect. After all, it’s the chin which frames your face. A stout, stubby chin can offset the proportion of a face that’s otherwise well balanced.

It is possible to get an ideal chin by using dermal filler injections or chin liposuction to refine and reshape your chin. This will not only impact your front profile, but also your side profile.

Chin contouring with dermal fillers

We use high quality dermal filler. They contain Polymer of a sugar which is also prominently found in the skin. This is why they blend easily with water when introduced into the lips, hydrating and boosting the volume

Chin contouring is a relatively quick process that has almost no downtime. It mostly takes only one – two injections for this procedure, reducing the level of pain.

For first timers, only 1-2 ml of filler (approx.) are required for the job. To minimise pain, the filler also contains a local anaesthetic, which numbs down the injected areas.  This procedure can help people achieve the ideal and highly desirable V-shaped face.

Chin augmentation using fillers sometimes scores over chin implant surgery in creating a more aesthetic, contoured chin shape. In some cases, a small doze of anti-wrinkle injection is also used along with the filler. This helps relax a muscle that shortens the chin, so that the effect of the filler stays for a longer period of time – sustaining the enhanced look post-procedure.

Does the injection hurt?

Before starting the procedure we apply a special topical numbing cream that makes the procedure more comfortable.

How long does the procedure take?

usually chin augmentation takes 45 minutes from the time we apply the topical local anaesthetic cream.

How long does it last?

lip fillers lasts longer than injecting fillers anywhere else, usually from 12-18 months. top up might be required in 12 months.

What are the possible Side Effects?

You might experience some light swelling, dull aching and minor bruising under the skin for a few days. The swelling however, is minimal and usually subsides soon.

However, with almost instantaneous results, the chin augmentation procedure is highly recommended for those wanting a perfectly framed face!

How much does it cost?

Prices of Chin augmentation starts from $600 depending on the type of the filler used.

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