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Nose Job (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty)

Having a fine and sharp nose with a perfect bridge can improve a person’s side and frontal look. If you desire such a nose, we recommend non-surgical nose expansion – generally known as Nose Filler or filler Rhinoplasty.

By using nose filler injections this procedure can improve the shape of the nose and enhance one’s appearance. This treatment works by replacing lost volume to aid in smoothing lines between the nose and the brows and the general skin of the nose.

What are Dermal Nose Fillers?

Dermal nose fillers is a simple procedure where a dermal filler is injected in the skin covering the nose using a specialised technique to modify and reshape it. The procedure restores vanished volume, removes wrinkles, evens out bumps and lifts the angle of the tip of the nose. It focuses on getting a better shape without extensively changing the dimensions of the nose.In recent years, a large number of people get a more refined appearance using the nose filler treatment.

What kind are fillers used in treatment?

Reputed cosmetic surgeons use approved fillers that are safe and effective to accomplish an individual patient’s objective. There are numerous kinds of fillers available and they are categorised according to the substance they are made from.

Each substance has different physical properties and certified surgeons use a perfect blend of thickness and suppleness to deliver the best nose shape possible.

How can this treatment enhance appearance?

In comparison to traditional surgical treatments, this method brings many aesthetic benefits. Not only does it reshape the nose but also improves the overall facial appearance.

Benefits of a nose filler:

  • Makes slight, yet visible changes to the nose.
  • Straightening of nasal bridge and correction of the hump.
  • having the more pointy nose (improves the tip projection).
  • creating a nasal bridge as in Asian nose in a natural way with much less downtime.
  • Narrower nasal flare.
  • correction of irregularities or dents after surgical nose job (Rhinoplasty).

What results can be expected?

Nose fillers offer immediate visible results, however, outcomes may vary depending upon the filler used. The effectiveness can last from eight months to one year. The duration of the results are not permanent and depend on the type of filler used, treated part and patient’s general health.  It is highly recommended to consult a certified surgeon to determine the best results according to the age, skin and genetics, etc.

How long dose the procedure take?

before injecting the filler we usually use a topical cream to numb the skin and make the process as comfortable as possible. Usually, the whole process takes about 45-60 minutes.

What should I avoid after the procedure?

After the procedure, you should not touch the area or apply makeup to avoid contamination and infection. It is advisable not to drink alcohol the night of the procedure or to wear sunglasses or reading spectacles for a week after the procedure.

Is it safe to use nose fillers?

In comparison to surgical treatment, nose fillers are less risky. But some side effects are associated with it including –

  • Temporary lack of sensation of the nose after the procedure (usually lasts up to 30 minutes)
  • Very slight uneasiness during the treatment
  • bruising and swelling is possible
  • in very rare cases injection in the nasal artery can happen and that requires the surgeon to dissolve the filler urgently using a special enzyme to solve the problem.

Why are nose fillers more popular in comparison to surgical treatment?

  •           Quick and simple procedure (Takes up to 15 – 20 minutes)
  •           Comparatively trouble-free
  •           Small downtime
  •           Inexpensive
  •           Reversible
  •           Instant result

For effective results and to ensure satisfaction, contact our certified and experienced surgeons at Chelsea Cosmetics for your nose filler procedure.

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