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Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Extended exposure of the skin to UV radiation increases damage to the skin in addition to aging and skin cancer.Skin fibers that contribute to the skin’s elasticity can be damaged by constant exposure to the sun.Due to this the skin is unable to stretch back into position as rapidly as before and gets droopy. It becomes patchy, pigmented, scarred and with broken capillaries.

Extended sun exposure can also cause the skin to lose collagen, which is a natural lubricating moisturizer. It can also cause cellular injury and the injured cells can mutate and multiply at an irregular rate causing skin cancer.

Exposure to ultra-violet rays contributes to the process of photoaging.Long periods of exposure to ultra-violet rays can cause more production of melanin, deprive the skin of collagen and make the skin thinner and cause abnormal pigmentation.

Skin PimentationSkin Pigmentation

Causes of sun damaged skin

One of the biggest causes of sun-damaged skin is solar heating and constant exposure to the sun. Sun damage can take years to become apparent and advance. All skin types run the risk of skin damage, however, people with lighter skin are more likely to it than people with darker skin.

At Chelsea Cosmetic clinic we analyze your skin during your consultation and accordingly recommend an ideal treatment for your sun-damaged skin and also to avoid any future sun-damage.

At Chelsea Cosmetic clinic we offer the following treatments for sun damaged skin:

  1. Chemical peel
  2. PRP
  3. Ablative laser 2940nm.
  4. Non-ablative laser 1540.

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