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Breast Augmentation (Implants/Stem Cells)


What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation or Breast Implants, as it is commonly known these days, means enlargement or enhancement of breasts.

It involves a procedure of placing synthetic implants to the breasts to enhance their proportion and contours, making them look fuller.

From enhancing smaller breasts to restoring lost volume to lifting a droopy bust-line

or creating symmetry in their breasts, there are various reasons women choose to undergo breast implant surgery.

It is also done to increase the fullness and projection in breasts

where women may have experienced that their breast volume has reduced post pregnancy.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation is also termed as breast reconstruction and can be performed for enhancement after breast removal.

Breast augmentation requires good amount of artistry along with medical and surgical expertise

to create compelling results while tying in aesthetics and symmetry.

Deciding the shape of your Breast Implants

Implants are available in various shapes, sizes and height profiles to match patient’s wishes and doctor’s needs.

They can be round, tear shaped and low or high projection implants.


Stem Cell Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast implants are placed beneath the skin, where a space is constructed known as a pocket.

The position of the pocket (under the gland or under the muscle) depends on desired results.

They are either placed completely below the upper chest muscle (Pectoralis Major)

or below the breast gland or partly under the muscle (dual plan).

When positioned with the right tissue plan and height, implants can provide a good amount of lift to your breasts.

Your surgery can be performed by either placing the breast implant above or below the chest muscles.

Incisions can be made either around the areola or under the fold of the breast.

Dr. Attalla will determine the method of surgery after considering your breast size and level of physical activity.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation surgery is performed under general anaesthesia

and duration of the surgery is about one to two hours.

It is a delicate surgery requiring an eye for form and scale.

Choosing the size of the breast implants

The decision about the size of the implant and eventually size the breast after augmentation

will be a mutual decision taken by the surgeon and the patient.

During your initial consultation for breast augmentation in Melbourne clinic at Chelsea Cosmetics,

we will determine the size of your implant by measuring your existing breast size

and also by analysing the elasticity of the skin of your breast.

Dr. Attalla will advise you on the appropriate implant size at the end of the consultation.

A sample of the agreed implant size will be given to you to try on

so that you can perceive what it looks and feel like after your Stem Cell Breast Augmentation surgery.

Amongst other things your consultation will also involve deciding

where your implants will be positioned and also where the incision will be made.

Side Effects:

Post breast enlargement surgery a few side effects are reasonably common.

Subsequent to the surgery you will be wearing a specifically designed surgical bra.

Usually, no discomfort is felt for up to 8 hours as local anaesthesia injections will be administered into your breasts.

As the local anaesthetic effect starts to wear off, many patients experience tightness in their breast tissue,

although no serious pain may be experienced.

Depending on your build and threshold for pain, mild to moderate discomfort may be felt.

Patients who have their implants placed behind their chest muscle

may experience marginally more pain in the first couple of weeks subsequent to their surgery.

Other uncommon side effects that are seldom experienced are

bleeding, infection, hardening of the implant capsule and general risks associated with anaesthesia.

You can have your consultation for breast augmentation at Chelsea cosmetics Melbourne on (03) 8822 3472

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