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Face Lift

It is widely believed that ageing gracefully is the right way to go but sometimes a little help can go a long way in taking that path. Many women and men consider facelift surgery these days. Traditionally a face lift would require undergoing surgery. Howevernon-invasive treatments are gaining more popularity these days.If you’re worried about going under the knife then laser face lift might be the best option for you.

A facelift can make you look younger, taking away the dull, fatigued look from your appearance.

At our facelift rejuvenation clinic, we have a range of options in facelift surgeryand we can find one that is suitable to you. We evaluate your concerns to see if facelift surgery is the appropriate choice for you.Anti-ageing facelifts are sought after due to their effectiveness in giving desirable results and making you look younger.

As you age you skin loses its volume making it sag and wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. The face becomes droopy with the loose skin being pulled down with gravity.Non-surgical face lift is an attractive option considering it’s non-invasive and has minimal or no disruption in your regular routine post treatment.

If you are considering natural looking results that make you look fresher and take that ‘tired’ look away from your face thennon-surgical /laser faceliftis the ideal option as it does just that, giving you natural looking appearance rather than looking ‘fake’ and ‘plasticy’.

Going through surgery is usually a last option. Non-surgical facelift can be very effective and can help delay the ageing process and has the advantage of being minimally invasive and patients can resume their normal routine with minimal downtime.

Some options of non-surgical facelift take away up to 10 years from your appearance and can have no downtime.

Facial rejuvenation replenishes the lost volume, reducing wrinkles and fine lines thereby tightening and smoothing the skin.  These procedures are fairly pain-free will little or no discomfort in most cases.  There a more than one treatment options and you cosmetic skin doctor may sometimes recommend more than one option to bring out the results you desire.

With facial skin tightening devices and injectable fillers refilling the lost volume back in to the face we know that non-surgical face lifting has advanced a lot in the last 5 years.

Fat transfer gives the most lasting results however there a various kinds of injectable treatments available that do not need fat transfer. Chelsea Cosmeticsfacial rejuvenation clinic offers a range of non-invasive facelift treatments that give you desirable results. Some of the treatment options include:

  • Dermal fillers – they help in replenishing lost volume in the face and can tighten the skin.
  • Stem cells/ fat transplant – is a procedure where stem cells /are removed from another part of the body and transferred in the face, replacing lost volume and making the skin look younger and healthier.
  • Thread lift – is a non-surgical facelift procedure that lifts the skin of the face and tightens it.

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