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Fat transplant (Stem cells transplant)

Stem cells Tissue Augmentation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to augment your breasts or buttocks without having artificial implants and worrying about them breaching or leaking or having to replace them every few years?

Or smoothening the lines on your face or have fuller cheeks without having to go through facelift surgery?

Fat transplant involves transferring our own stem cells & fat cells as fillers to fill your lips, face, breasts, legs and butt or uplift dented scars.

Fat transfer could help you achieve better body contours with more natural looking results.

The method involves having liposuction of a part of body that has unwanted fat.

The fat/stem cells are then taken to prepare, concentrate and split the stem cells by our expert team.

A special device is then used, in which, the stem cells are harvested and prepared to be introduced to accomplish chosen results.


  • Stem/fat cell transfer is not advisable for everyone.
  • In some cases of adult stem/fat cells transplant, more than a single procedure could be used to achieve desired results.
  • End results are more natural in look and feel as compared with breast & butt implants.
  • It’s a fairly uncomplicated procedure; however it could carry minor threats like allergy to local anesthesia, cyst formation, haematoma and infection, under filling and more.

Fat/stem cells transplant may be performed to enhance almost any body part.

The outcome is greater by no less than 50% as compared to traditional fat transplant, and, when performed by experienced doctors complications are fewer.

We at Chelsea Cosmetics perform fat transfer using the first ever Maxstem TM machine in Australia, which efficiently segregates pure stem cells which are to be utilized as concentrate with fat cells concentrate.

This produces far superior results as opposed to the older fat transplant or fat/stem cells concentrate.


The treatment can be performed with local or general anesthesia and is clearly classified into four steps:

Step 1: Decision making for Donor and recipient area

The decision of where the fat will be harvested and where it will be introduced will be taken jointly by you and your doctor.

Part(s) of the body where fat is gathered from is referred to as donor area and part(s) of your body where the fat is transferred to is known as recipient area.

Step 2: Harvesting

A small 2mm cannula is used for performing a mini liposuction wherein fat and stem cells and other prime cells are harvested from the donor area.

Step 3: Lipo concentrate

The gathered fat is then handed over to a skilled team to purify it, concentrate and breed them in sophisticated machines.

It helps to achieve little sized fat cells and stimulated stem cells in concentrated form.

Step 4: Injection

The final stage involves injecting the lipo-concentrate into the recipient area which is pre-determined, attaining natural looking results.

The subject will be conscious during this stage of injecting the lipo-concentrate so that they can participate in the choice of its new location too.

Results between stem cells and fat transplant:

Over the years, in majority of the present manual lipo transfer methods, roughly thirty to forty percent of fat cells transferred become permanent and last.

However in case of fat transfer by stem cells/fat cells, about eighty to ninety percent of the transferred cells survive.

This indicates that we can attain far superior results by method of Stem / Fat cells transplant.

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