Arms Liposuction

Arms Liposuction

Arms Liposuction

Have you tried everything and yet that excess fat on your arms seems impossible to lose? Women’s bodies have a particular tendency to store fat in some parts of the body, including the arms. At Chelsea Cosmetics, we offer arm liposuction surgery to remove the excess fat in your arms.

How does arm liposuction work?

Arm liposuction procedures can be performed using several methods. Your cosmetic surgeon will determine the best method depending on your body type and the amount of excessive fat to be removed.

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The liposuction methods used for arm liposuction procedures are:

  • The super-wet arm liposuction method
  • The tumescent liposuction method
  • The Slim Lipo laser-assisted method

The super-wet arm liposuction
Super-wet arm liposuction is a simple procedure where an incision is made near the elbow, the armpit or on the side of the arm. This incision is made based on the patient’s body type. A tube is then inserted into the incision and a liquid is passed through it into the fat. Once the fat deposit breaks down it is removed via high-pressure suction. The skin and muscles around the treated area are completely unaffected during the procedure. This method causes little or no damage to the tissues.

The tumescent liposuction
In this method, a considerable amount of fluid (diluted local anesthetic solution) is introduced into the area to be treated for excessive fat reduction. The solution causes numbness in the treatment area and compresses the blood vessels, thus reducing localised bleeding. This makes the procedure totally painless. Excess fat is then removed from the arms. To ensure the patient experiences no pain or discomfort, the entire procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia or heavy sedation.

The Slim Lipo assisted liposuction
Slim Lipo is the most recent procedure introduced in arm liposuction which uses a laser-assisted method for excess fat removal. This method also involves using fluids to disintegrate fat deposits, helping in the effective removal of the bulge of fat. Laser-assisted liposuction is as effective as the super-wet and tumescent methods and has similar advantages, including minimal bleeding and nominal damage to the tissue and muscles surrounding the treated area.

What should you expect after your arm liposuction procedure?
Patients may experience soreness, tenderness, slight swelling or a burning sensation in the treated area. You can return home the same day of the procedure and resume your routine in the next couple of days. However, you may be advised against rigorous physical activity for the first couple of weeks. You will also be advised to wear a compression belt for about four to six weeks. The compression garment helps in protecting the treated area and also in reducing bruising and swelling. For any further information or questions on your arm liposuction procedure please book an appointment or call Chelsea Cosmetics on 03 8822 3472.

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