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Not ready for a facelift but eager to achieve a younger-looking appearance?

Thread lifts provide a visible, natural-looking lift while spurring the growth of skin-renewing collagen for immediate and dramatic rejuvenation without surgery or downtime. Thread lifts are ideal for treating skin anywhere on the face, such as the forehead, mouth, jowls, or crepey neck skin. Discover the possibilities during a consultation with us at Chelsea Cosmetics.

Is A Thread Lift Right For You?

  1. You are suffering from any of the following conditions:
    • Hollow cheeks – loss of volume in your cheeks due to reduced collagen production
    • Jowls – as we age and gravity takes its toll, jowls can form around the jawline and can create the effect of excess skin.
    • Sagging cheeks – the mild to moderate sagging of cheeks caused by the ageing process
    • Deep wrinkles – folds and lines around the nose and chin caused by fat pads in our face slipping due to age.
  2. You’re aged 30 or above looking to combat signs of ageing like the ones listed above.
  3. You are looking for a less-invasive alternative to surgery that gives long lasting results.
  4. You are not pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from anticoagulation or auto-immune conditions.
  5. You are a healthy adult with realistic goals and expectations.

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What's In It For You?

Most Popular Areas You Can Improve With Thread Lift

thread lift areas

1. Forehead and brow
One of the most common areas to be treated with thread lifts is the forehead and brow area, threads can be used to give a more lifted appearance to sagging brows/eyes or excess skin on the forehead.

2. Mid and lower face lift
Another common area to be treated is the mid and lower face – this may involve lifting the cheeks and corners of the lip to give a tighter and lifted appearance to the face and skin

3. Jawline and jowl tightening
Using threads we can tighten loose skin around the jawline and lift the jowl to make this area look tighter, lifted and more defined.

Before & After Results

before after

Face Thread Lift

before after

Nose Thread Lift

before after

Eye Brow Thread Lift

before after

Nose Thread Lift

before after

Lower Face Thread Lift

before after

Lower Face Thread Lift

What Are The Benefits

  • Minimal surgery so you are not out of action for days or weeks.
  • No incisions or stitches on your face or neck area.
  • Very minimal recovery time, so you can go back to enjoying your life in no time
  • Immediate and discreet effect on your skin that gets even better across 3-6 months.
  • Lasting results: a thread lift can act as a perfect alternative to invasive and expensive surgery and lasts up to 24 months.

Long lasting results, no cutting needed.
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How It Works



A consultation is required before booking thread lifts with Dr Attalla, as he will need to assess your suitability for the treatment



After your consultation with Dr Attalla you will be able to book in for the treatment you decided on together. Dr Attalla will advice how to prepare properly for treatment during your consultation.



Dr Attalla will execute the thread lift procedure by using either threads with barbs or with cones depending on the patient’s needs. The treatment itself will last from 30-60 minutes.

after care


Immediate results can be seen with this treatment, but the maximum effect will become apparent a few weeks following this. Full aftercare will be discussed at the appointment.

Why Choose Thread Lift Over Face Lift


Treat sagging jowls, loose necklines, loss of volume in cheeks, fine lines and wrinkles


Treats fine lines and wrinkles by removing lax skin and tightening underlying muscles

Instant results with minimal swelling

2 weeks discomfort, 4 weeks of settling time


Surgical procedure requiring anesthetic, hospital stay and pain management

Minimal to No scaring

Visible scaring and extensive post-procedure care

Lasts 12+ months

Lasts up to 7 years

Minimal risks - slight swelling and possible bruising

Considerable risks including possible infection, nerve damage, permanent change of look

24-48 hours downtime

14 days downtime

Wondering If You Qualify For Thread Lift?


Click to Hear Dr Attalla Detail the Historical Differences in the Thread Lift Technique From Before Until Now.

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Why Dr. Attalla Is Your Best Choice For Thread Lift Treatment

Dr Mark Attalla
MBBCHa, FACCS – Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Mark Attalla has over 20 year’s experience with the thread lift procedure. He has expert knowledge of the deep and superficial structures of the face. During your private consultation, he will discuss the benefits of a thread lift with you and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. He will assess your facial structures and current level of skin laxity. Once Dr Attalla has a good understanding of the outcomes you are looking for, he will walk you through the steps of a personalized thread lift treatment plan. Dr Attalla will take your health history, as well as current medication and supplement use, into consideration. This will help him tailor your treatment to you and your health profile.

Thread lifting is a highly versatile anti-aging rejuvenation method; Dr Attalla will take time and care to create a thread lift treatment that targets your unique needs. He will lift your skin with threads of a size and shape that are customized to achieve your desired effect, and help restore smooth contours, and a more natural youthful appearance.

We want you to feel well-informed before moving forward with any cosmetic treatment. Write down your questions and bring them with you to your consultation. This will make sure we answer every single one! If you have any questions after your consultation, we invite you to reach out to us.

As one of Australia’s most experienced cosmetic surgery clinics, we guarantee:

  • All major surgical procedures are performed with an anaesthetist at an accredited day surgery hospital.
  • All consultations are booked and take place with the surgeon who will be performing the procedure, not a clinic consultant.
  • All pre and post-operative appointments are included in our quotes.

Flexible, Affordable Thread Lift Treatment Pricing

The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is available to purchase from $148 per week, or a one-time amount is approximately $7,000 or less. With flexible arrangements we can help make your treatment more affordable. We work with most insurance companies and have many accepted payment plan options.

One Time Payment

Special Price of the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is $7,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, we use 6-8 threads on each side to get the best long lasting results.

Fibrous tissue bands are the normal support of the skin to the deeper layers, and it prevents the skin from sagging. When we age, we lose the fibrous tissue support, and the skin starts to become saggy and droopy with gravity.

The threads usually get absorbed by the body in 12 months, and during this time, the threads will be replaced by your own body collagen and fibrous tissue and that help over that period to lift your skin and give you a younger look.

We usually use a combination of more than one type of thread in a single procedure to address the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

The results of a thread lift result last from two to three years, and it is strongly advised that patients book in a ‘review’ thread treatment one to two years after the initial consultation. This ‘review’ treatment uses a single thread on each side to maintain the outcome of the procedure and will ensure results last longer.

We usually use a combination of more than one type of thread in a single procedure to address the skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Usually, we use 6-8 threads on each side to get the best long lasting results.

The rejuvenating and enhancing properties of a thread lift are immediate and discreet. It’s important to be aware that it may take up to four weeks for any swelling, puckering, and feelings of tightness to resolve and for the full effect of the results to be evident.

The best candidates for thread lifts are those patients who retain good skin volume in the face but are suffering from moderate skin laxity. Those patients who lack volume in the face are less likely to see such strong benefits of a thread lift and thus are not good candidates. In this instance, we advise patients have a procedure to improve facial volume, so the thread lift is more effective.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The cost is an estimate based on an example when the patient is insured. The overall cost can differ from case to case depending on if the patient is insured or non-insured.
  • This pricing calculation is a guide only. The specific weekly payment amount will be adjusted in relation to the size of the deposit made by the patient.
  • The quoted cost is for the surgical fee only which includes the cost of the surgeon’s fee, the assistant surgeon’s fee and all related follow up visits.
  • Additional fees for hospital and anaesthetic fees will still apply. Prospective patients are encouraged to talk to their insurer for more precise costing.
  • The price is calculated based on a weekly payment charged over a 1-year period, consisting of 52 equal payments.
  • Payment for the surgery and anaesthetist are required 1 week prior to your surgery. The payments for hospital fees are required upon admission.
  • Patients are encouraged to book a consultation with Chelsea Cosmetics to have a clear surgical plan developed and so that they are informed of their different options. An initial appointment with Chelsea Cosmetics in some cases could require an additional fee of $100 if the condition is medically related, with the potential to receive a partial refund from Medicare for some procedures; the Medicare rebate if the patient has a referral is from $ 40-75 depends on Medicare item number used.
  • This initial consultation fee will be deducted from the surgical costs if the patient books the procedure through the Chelsea Cosmetics.
  • Results will vary from person to person.