Tips for Speeding up Your Recovery after Liposuction

Liposuction is the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic procedure worldwide. Liposuction or lipoplasty is actually, a body contouring procedure, which is effective in removing fat from identified problem areas for achieving the figure you are aspiring for. Liposuction is a very effective way of removing focal accumulations of body fat, which are supposed to be interfering with your body’s contour. Liposuction is effective in getting rid of excess fat deposits, which are resistant to exercise and diet. This procedure is effective in reshaping and contouring body’s problem areas.

Liposuction normally is an outpatient procedure, but recovery could take some time. It could be a few weeks before you are fit and active for resuming your normal life. However, everything depends on the extent and kind of procedure. Here are a few tips that are effective in speeding up your recovery.

Be Realistic about Recovery
You should aim for effective pain management. Make sure that the wound is healing properly and the swelling is under control. Remember it would be taking several months before the swelling subsides completely. Recovery involves realistic expectations about your newly-acquired body shape and also, a great deal of patience.

Take Pain Relievers
It is most common to experience a certain amount of pain post the liposuction process. It is essential to manage pain because only then can you recover, rest and start increasing your activities. Most patients are advised to have acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain relief. However, depending on the extent and the kind of liposuction, doctors may advise stronger pain relievers. Consult your physician before taking Ibuprofen and Naproxen.

Keep Wearing Compression garments and Elastic Bandages
After an effective liposuction Melbourne, you should wear elastic bandages and a compression garment for effectively reducing bruising and swelling. The gentle support offered by compression could help relieve your pain to an extent. Usually, a patient is required to wear these compression garments for quite a number of weeks after a liposuction procedure.

Get Back to Your Usual Lifestyle Slowly
It may take many weeks before you return to your normal activities. You are encouraged by doctors like Chelsea Cosmetics to start walking after liposuction to promote body healing. Most patients go back to their usual work within just a few days. They start exercising within a couple of weeks. You must follow your doctor’s dictates. Consult your doctor before returning to your usual activities such as work, sex, driving and performing sports or taking part in other leisure activities.

Take Good Care of Your Incisions
It would take about two weeks for your wound to heal. You could be prescribed antibiotics for preventing infections. Follow all instructions regarding covering and bandaging the wounds. Keep the wounds dry. Do not soak your wounds during the healing period and so it is best to avoid pools and bathtubs. Your doctor would be removing your stitches or drains. Remember to treat it as serious and get immediate medical attention, if your wounds are swollen, red, warm, bleeding, draining excessive fluid or beginning to open up.

Watch Out for Complications
It is essential to be completely aware of all possible complications. In case there is any complication, feel free to call up your doctor if you develop fever, acute pain or too much swelling. Follow the dictates of your doctor.

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