Which Liposuction Procedure Removes the Most Fat and Gives the Best Results?

Liposuction is a very popular procedure which works in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and exercise to help men and women achieve the lean and firm body of their dreams. Stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to all-natural methods of fat loss can be targeted, with pleasing results for many patients.

But which option is the best? There are both surgical and non-surgical methods available at Chelsea Cosmetics, so let’s take a look at which may best suit your situation.

It is vital to note that a definitive answer requires a consultation with our expert team as it is always tailored to your unique situation.

Liposuction and Slim Lipo

For the most effective, and fastest, results, the standard liposuction procedure is the most effective. Appropriate for a range of areas, classic liposuction with a cannula is a proven, safe method for targeting stubborn fat. While it does require around one to two weeks of downtime, the results are experienced almost instantly.

Slim Lipo is along the same lines as standard liposuction but offers a far less invasive option and is becoming increasingly popular for those who wish to define their bodies. Slim Lipo involves a probe pushed gently into the fat layer, dissolving the unwanted fat with a laser, while tightening the loose skin.

slim liposuction melbourne
A slim liposuction procedure before and after the procedure at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

Non-Surgical Body-Sculpting Procedure Options

Non-surgical fat loss procedures work to lower the volume of fat cells in the body, offering detailed sculpting more precise than surgical liposuction. They offer greater safety and much shorter downtime, however, results do take longer to appear.

A very popular non-surgical procedure is called Coolsculpting, which involves minimal pain and little to no downtime. The primary downside is the lack of skin retraction that it offers, therefore making it more suitable to subtle changes. The fat loss is permanent with around 25 percent of fat cells disappearing after each session.

Another non-surgical option for fat loss comes via the fat-dissolving medication which is administered via injection. By targeting the fat cells membrane, the fat cells in the area are killed off. This very effective method is once again more suitable for small areas.

A final non-invasive option is External Laser Fat Lipolysis which makes use of a wavelength laser which can dissolve fat. Those with uneven skin after liposuction often turn to this method for some finishing touches, or once again, an option for the targeting of small areas of fat with skin tightening.

The ONDA Machine

One final non-invasive fat-dissolving option new to Chelsea Cosmetics is the ONDA machine. This option uses Microwave technology to dissolve fat cells and to tighten the skin. The advantage of this process is its ability to cover large areas like the abdomen, a leg or arm in one session. More appropriate for cellulite treatment or small areas of fat with skin tightening, this new and exciting machine is gaining popularity.

coolsculpting melbourne
A before and after example of the results for Coolsculpting performed at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

Which Option Is Best for You?

As you can see, there are pros and cons for each option, however, deciding the best for your situation requires a consultation with the team at Chelsea Cosmetics.

Book a free consultation to see which option will best suit your situation and make a positive change in your life. Your ideal body is achievable, and the cosmetic surgery experts at Chelsea Cosmetics can help you get there. Let’s begin your cosmetic journey today.


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