Will Liposuction Help Me to Lose Weight?

At Chelsea Cosmetics, liposuction is a popular surgical procedure that targets stubborn areas of fat that are often unaffected by various lifestyle implementations. If you have been exercising and consuming a healthy balanced diet, you are likely seeing your weight lower. There may, however, be some areas resistant to these changes, and this is where liposuction can be of benefit.

It is, however, important to note that liposuction is not a method for weight loss. While the procedure will, in fact, help you to lose weight, it should be utilised as a way to assist healthy weight loss techniques, and not as a form of weight loss on its own.

If you are considering the liposuction procedure, read on for an understanding of what it involves, as for many it can be an effective supporting procedure for their healthy weight loss body transformation.

Important Elements of Liposuction That You Need to Know

If you do undergo the liposuction procedure, you should be prepared for downtime of roughly one to two weeks. This will, of course, vary based on the number of areas you are targeting and the amount of fat removed.

Another important point to consider is how you will get to and from the day surgery for the procedure. You will be unable to drive yourself home and it is always a good idea to have a family member or friend act as your carer for the first few days after surgery.

Prices for your procedure will also vary based on how in-depth it will need to be. You can understand the cost of liposuction here.

liposuction melbourne
If you have some areas resistant to dietary changes and exercise liposuction may be of benefit.

What Will You Experience After Liposuction?

There are some common side-effects that patients experience after their procedure, like bruising, which are completely normal and no cause for alarm. To help lower the severity of this, we strongly recommend that you stop any medications that you may be taking which thin the blood a week before surgery. These can often include aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications.

Arnica tablets, taken one week before your surgery and two weeks after can also help to diminish the amount of swelling and bruising you experience. Some studies do consider this to be a placebo, however.

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Liposuction will help you to lose weight, but it should be utilised as a way to assist healthy weight loss techniques, and not as a form of weight loss on its own.

Why Consider Liposuction?

If you are working at achieving a form of weight loss and improving your overall appearance, liposuction may be something that will help you achieve your goals. This will be determined during a consultation with the experienced team at Chelsea Cosmetics. Liposuction can help to target areas unaffected by a balanced diet and regular exercise, but in no way should be relied on as a standalone weight loss technique.

The most common areas targeted by the liposuction technique include:

If you have a high-quality skin tone with good elasticity, you will likely see very positive results. Cosmetic purposes aside, liposuction has also helped those suffering from Lymphedema, Gynecomastia, Lipomas and Lipodystrophy syndrome.

Want to Find Out More About Liposuction?

If this all sounds relevant to your situation and a way to help you achieve your weight and body goals, book a consultation with the team at Chelsea Cosmetics. Our experts, who have performed many liposuction procedures, will work with you to ensure your goals are realistic and achievable.

Boost your self-confidence, feel more comfortable in your clothing and love your body today. Liposuction can have a positive effect on your day to day, ask us how.


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