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Lips are the centre of beauty for any woman’s face, and they are also one of the most vulnerable areas of ageing. Lips get affected by the ageing process and sun exposure just like your skin. If there is something to prevent it ruined, we suggest you to start doing it early.

Lips fullness and hydration are maintained from within by naturally occurring sugar. The magic of this ingredient lies in its ability to retain moisture. The ageing process will create lines around the mouth and cause the lip to lose volume, moisture and definition.

Types of Lip Shapes

Lips have different shapes and colours. We design suitable technique to achieve the best natural result based on your lip type. Applying the same technique on all types of lips leads to unnatural results.

  • Full Lips
    Full lips are the most favourite; they are rich and pouty and have a great sex appeal to them.
  • Round shaped Lips
    This lip shape is very charming and makes you look cute.
  • Shapeless Lips
    Shapeless lips have no shape or a defined outline; they require proper outlining the vermilion border of the lip, enhance the lip fullness and to give the lip nice and sexy curves.
  • Thin Types of Lips
    Thin lips could have loss of volume of the body of the lip with a defined vermilion border or global loss of volume and lack of definition. Also, this lip will require enhancement of the body of the lip with or without augmentation of the vermilion border.
  • Wide Types of Lips Shapes
    These are the wide and stretched lips. For these lips, we use a different method that adds more moisture to the lips than volume. By using this technique, the lips will look full and glossy.
  • Uneven Lips
    All lips are not the same; some lips’ outlines might not be even. However, there is no reason to worry you can get the best out with your uneven lips if you use the right technique. For these lips, we make them even first, and we shape them to look full and sexy.

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How to Improve Lip Shape

We use high-quality dermal filler. This is why they blend easily with water when introduced into the lips, hydrating and boosting the volume.

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Lips are a very sensitive area; therefore, we use a very effective topical cream to numb the lips. In certain cases, the dental block is used to numb the lips completely.

The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes.

There is a possibility you will develop side effects, such as redness, tenderness, swelling, bruising and itching. However, it all depends on the sensitivity of your skin and on other factors. It is best to book a consultation, so our specialists can provide you with the best treatment based on your skin type and prevent any damages after the procedure.


There will be some swelling for 24-72 hours, especially with injections in the lips. Even though it is not common to happen, in some cases, you may have some bruising for 1-2 weeks.


As with all such fillers, if you’ve previously had cold sores around the mouth, the treatment might provoke an outbreak. We’d suggest taking a medical consultation before taking any injection, especially in the sensitive area of lips and mouth.


Lip fillers is a simple procedure. However, it is highly not recommended to be done if you are pregnant or nursing.

The result will depend on the type of lip filler you take. Some filler can last from six months to one year after an injection session and the effect will vary each person.

The cost starts from 600 dollars per ml. It will depend on the type and the amount of the dermal filler needed to get the desired results.



At Chelsea Cosmetics we charge from $300 (1/2ml) to $600 (1ml) for lip fillers

Have a read of our costs page for a full breakdown.



At our Chelsea Heights location, we only have the facilities to handle all surgical procedures, double chin injections, anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant, and dermal fillers (liquid face lifts, lip fillers and nose jobs). The Templestowe Clinic can handle all procedures detailed on this website.