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Don’t love your love handles? Liposuction can help!

Love handles are affectionately named as something to grab a hold of during a cuddle; however, few people welcome the cutely named extra skin on their bodies. Officially known as the flank, the trouble starts around the area that extends outward from the hips. Love handles can sometimes be a little more evident in tight pants and tricky to get rid of via exercise and diet.

A solution to this issue can be relatively painless and quick, providing you with a more defined abdomen and more self-confidence. The results of liposuction on your love handles will leave you excited by the prospect of chucking the bathing suit on the next time you head to the beach.

How can liposuction of love handles help?

Love handles are caused by fat retention when fat cells accumulate in certain areas like your waist and hips. Liposuction can remove these stubborn fat areas to give you a slimmer, healthier look. Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne can quickly and efficiently reduce the fat in your love handle area with as little impact on your schedule as possible.

Liposuction can help to:

  • Remove the fat deposits that form love handles
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve overall health

As liposuction is not meant for significant weight loss, it is perfect for removing the small amount of fat that can build up and creates love handles. Liposuction is a safe and straightforward procedure that will help contour your body without scarring or causing significant time off work. You can see the results instantly, and can be permanent if maintained with a mixture of exercise and a healthy diet.

Some of the benefits of love handle liposuction include:

  • Improved contours of your body
  • Slimmer physique
  • Possible drop in clothing size
  • Faster recovery than more invasive forms of liposuction
  • A safe procedure which only requires a local anesthetic
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The liposuction of love handles can help make the excess fat around the waistline disappear.


“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another appropriately qualified health practitioner.”


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Love handle liposuction is a simple and safe procedure however potential patients will still need to be screened by one of the surgeons here at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne to ensure they will be fit for the procedure.

Love Handles are well suited for liposuction as it removes small concentrations of fat via a small incision. A cannula, which looks like a hollow tube is inserted into the incision and used to break up the fat cells in the love handle area which can then be removed via suction.

Love handles in particular are more responsive to minimally invasive liposuction than other areas of the body. As it is well-defined the most subtle reduction of fat is very noticeable, so significant improvements are easily achieved. This section of skin also tends to have good elasticity, meaning the after effect is smooth and natural looking.

Love handle liposuction is a particularly popular procedure with men, and different results can be seen between women and men. Females will often find that the procedure intensifies their feminine figure giving an S-shaped curve to the lower back enhancing the buttocks. For men, love handle liposuction creates a V shape giving them a slimmer, fitter appearance.

liposuction love handles
See the change: The before and after results of liposuction on love handles




love handles case study

Case Study 1

The patient presented with excess fat in the love handles and the bra folds, the patient wanted to achieve smoother waist line with less or no folds and flatter love handles. Slim lipo was used was very nice results and good skin retraction.

love handles case study 2

Case Study 2

The patient presented by heavy love handles and bra folds with excess skin. Slim lipo was used to archive a good skin retraction and flatter love handles and bra folds.





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liposuction love handles before and after

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Once removed, the fat cells will not grow back. They disappear instantly after the procedure is complete. It is, however, important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet post surgery so that new ones are not created.

As long as a patient does not undergo a significant amount of liposuction in one sitting, there a minimal risks associated with the procedure.

When it comes to surgery, looking for the best qualifications in your surgeon is important. The team at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne are on hand to answer any question you may have about the procedure before deciding to undergo it. The surgeon you choose should be well-informed about the procedure and able to make you feel comfortable and satisfied with any concerns you may have.
Many patients return to work in office-style roles after 48 hours of recovery but may experience tenderness for up to 4 weeks. Patients are able to leave the clinic about half an hour after their procedure, and the length of the operation often depends on how much liposuction is required.
The recovery is often more unpleasant than the procedure itself as a general anaesthetic is used during the operation.
There should be little to no scaring from the small incision, and the skin itself will appear smoother, depending on the age and elasticity of the patient. Older patients may not have as smooth a result, though the after effects will still be minimal.



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