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Correct the loose, sagging skin and muscles of the neck. Reduce visible signs of ageing and reclaim your youth.

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While one might indulge in treatments for the face and scalp, the neck is an area that’s often ignored. However, everyone will agree that a beautiful, toned neck adds to one’s beauty. Moreover, an elegantly contoured neck is associated not just with youth, but also with overall well being and vitality.

But how does one get a fine, shapely neck? The answer – a neck lift, which ‘lifts’ the sagging skin below the chin and neck to give a smoother, toned look to the neck. We at Chelsea Cosmetics offer a variety of neck lift procedures as well as complimentary cosmetic practices which can help both men and women appear younger – and more enthused about life.

Here are some commonly asked questions on the neck lift procedure:

At Chelsea Cosmetics, we offer an extensive range of neck lift procedures in Melbourne that give great results to achieve a naturally beautiful look. These include:


SlimLipoTM is an advanced liposuction procedure that uses precise laser wavelengths to liquefy fat, and lift the skin in targeted areas of the body.

After the fat liquefies, it is taken out using a suction device. Stitches are generally not required as the size of the incisions made, is really small. The patient needs to then wear a compression garment for some days for optimized results and a speedy recovery.

While laser assisted liposuction isn’t new, SlimLipoTM is comparatively safer and requires lesser recovery time. Results are noticeable immediately, but it might take around 6 months for this to achieve its true potential. As this is a minimally invasive procedure, most patients tend to return to work pretty soon – sometimes as soon as the very next day!

Thread Lift

Thread lift is a way to look more youthful and renewed.It is not as invasive as a facelift, and involves the use of barbed threads to provide support to sagging facial tissues.

The skin will feel ‘lifted’ against ageing and gravity, and sagging skin will look contoured. Performed under local anesthesia, the results can last for as long as 5 years!

An alternative to surgery

This is a great option for people who don’t prefer an invasive procedure, as it is typically conducted as part of a day surgery or at a medical clinic. Many patients take some kind of comforting medication so that they stay calm.

Post Operation Care – At home

Getting back to one’s normal routine will not be hard post this procedure. Typically, one would need help to be driven back home and someone to monitor one’s progress for the first 24 hours. There could also be some dietary restrictions for a couple of days after the surgery – like sticking to soft foods which are easy to chew and digest. Pain can be taken care of with paracetamole.

Some patients find that keeping their head elevated helps to minimize swelling. For most patients, healing happens within 1 – 3 weeks.

Possible Complications

Like any other surgical procedure, the thread lift does entail a certain amount of risk:

  • Some patients may find that their sutures start showing within a few days post-surgery. This is due to a poor procedure. In case this happens, you should immediately report this to your cosmetic surgeon.
  • Yet some other patients experience headaches.
  • It is not uncommon to observe some swelling / bruising for up to a week.
Surgical Neck Lift

There are various ways to perform a neck lift surgery:

  • An incision is made in front of and behind the ear to cut away excess skin. Sometimes, this incision is made under the chin, when the muscle supporting neck skin needs to be tightened.
  • In elderly patients, we remove the skin directly under the chin through a gentle zig-zag incision. No incision is made around the ears – and this greatly minimizescomplicationsin the procedure.

At the time of surgery, some patients may find out that their skin is sensitive.  However, this usually subsides in a few weeks or days. So infection is a rare complication but it could happen here.

At Chelsea Cosmetics, we will be delighted to help you out. Feel free to drop by at our cosmetic clinic in Melbourne and we will gauge how we can bring your expectation to life. We’re great at listening to what our clients really want – as this gives us good clarity to arrive at what their desired results are.

What’s even better is that our consultation fees can be redeemed for a cosmetic procedure that you choose.

You could reach out to us at (03) 88223472. We work from 9am – 5pm Tuesday to Friday, and from 9am -1pm Saturday. Or you could just scroll up to the Contact Us section on the site menu, and we will get back to your email requests at the earliest.


“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another appropriately qualified health practitioner.”


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Every individual ages differently, and the aging process affects the face and neck to varying degrees. Because of this, some patients find more rapid evidence of aging in their neck than in their face, while others find the opposite.

The standard neck lift procedure involves making incisions behind the ears and into the hairline, and after undermining the skin to free it from the deeper muscle layer, cutting away any excess skin. Additionally, in some cases, we tighten the muscle in the midline to create a slimmer, tighter neck and improved chin to neck angle. This procedure provides excellent results, but also carries the risk of possible complications and requires an extended recovery period.

In cases where patients have minimal excess skin, don’t want to have invasive surgery, or can’t afford a long recovery, a neck thread lift provides a fantastic alternative to rejuvenate the neck.

Neck thread lift procedures only take an hour, with results lasting two to three years. New generation absorbable threads work to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production.

In the early stages of aging, most neck wrinkles result from tight muscle bands and loss of volume in the skin. In this instance, anti-wrinkle injections along the muscle line serve numerous purposes: they not only relax the neck, and make it appear smoother, but lift the neck skin and relax the jaw muscles, improving jawline definition.

For those patients who cannot afford downtime after surgery, or suffer from a phobia of needles, Ultherapy is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic energy to tighten the skin and underlying muscle. A focussed ultrasonic machine, Ultherapy stimulates collagen production and shrinks both subcutaneous connective tissues and the skin. Addressing all layers of the skin, Ultherapy lifts the skin and provides long-lasting results after a single treatment with no recovery time required.



Ageing of the skin around the neck is generally a result of sagging skin and fat deposits in the neck – which produces an ugly “turkey gobbler” appearance – that adds many more years to how you look. If you’re looking at focusing treatment only on this area (and not your entire face) and would like to have a more contoured neck, a neck lift is a good idea.

Patients for this type of procedure are typically between 30 to 60 years of age.

Usually, women in their mid-thirties and forties observe a loss of facial fat, or puffy under-eye bags, or even sagging skin on the face and neck, are the ones who request for a thread lift. Yet some others undergo the thread lift as part of a complete facelift procedure, to enableadded support. A thread lift can also be done along with the use of a dermal filler and / or resurfacing laser.

A neck lift gives almost instantaneous results, though it might take some months for all the swelling to lessen and the final results to show. These are typically long lasting results.

Complete recovery from a neck lift can take time, and it helps if one stays patient and calm throughout the recovery process. Having said this, most people can get back to work within 7-14 days. People who are into a sport or physically active would need to wait for a minimum of three weeks, before they can begin to resume their normal routine.



At Chelsea Cosmetics we charge from $2,000 for neck lift.

Have a read of our costs page for a full breakdown.


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Lucia Dingani
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Amany Gendi
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Thanks for the best doctors and caring staff I’m so happy to do my face with Chelsea Cosmetics and best results I have been getting PRP treatments for my face and other injectables for over 4 years..My results are amazing. 100% happy.
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At our Chelsea Heights location, we only have the facilities to handle all surgical procedures, double chin injections, anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant, and dermal fillers (liquid face lifts, lip fillers and nose jobs). The Templestowe Clinic can handle all procedures detailed on this website.

At our Chelsea Heights location, we only have the facilities to handle all surgical procedures, double chin injections, anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant, and dermal fillers (liquid face lifts, lip fillers and nose jobs). The Templestowe Clinic can handle all procedures detailed on this website.