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Let the laser magic wand tighten and slim your body.


Slim Lipo Melbourne

Slim lipo is a safer and more effective liposuction procedure than other methods. We remove a large volume of fat during the slim lipo procedure leaving you with a great sculptured body. Also, slim lipo helps to retract the skin and has much greater and smoother end results.

Slim lipo has dual laser wavelength, one wavelength targets fat specifically and the other wavelength targets the skin. This makes Slim lipo simply is one of the best treatments to excessive fat and sagging skin. Slim lipo has a laser wavelength that selectively targets the collagen-producing cells in the skin dermis and over a period of 6 months, the skin fibres shrink and full retraction is achieved in 9 months.

Both Slim and Smart Lipo are both forms of laser lipolysis; at Chelsea Cosmetics our highly trained surgeons recommend Slim Lipo for a number of reasons including the quick recovery time where the patient can start light exercise in one week and can return to full exercise in 2-3 weeks.

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Cosmetic Specialists Melbourne
Cosmetic Specialists Melbourne
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*Disclaimer: Results may vary


Chin                                      Arms

Anterior bra fold                   Man Boobs ( Gynecomastia)

Post bra fold                         Back

Upper abdomen                   Lower abdomen

Mons area                            Outer thighs

Inner thighs                          Hips

Inner knees                          Legs

In Chelsea cosmetics, we have all types and modalities of liposuction including, conventional liposuction, power assisted liposuction, Vaser liposuction, slim lipo.

Price start from 3000 dollars per area depending on the size of the body area.

the price drops dramatically when you have more than one area done.

We have great packages will suite your budget.

In Chelsea cosmetics, we have more than one affiliated company to finance the procedure costs and make your dream come true.

The fat cells we remove from the area does not come back again while fat can go to other areas if the person puts on weight.

The downtime after conventional liposuction is usually about 3-4 weeks of discomfort and bruising while after slim lipo down time is only from 3-4 days, some clients can go back to work in 2 days after the procedure.

Sometimes no matter how much we exercise or how well we eat, there are parts of our body that just don’t change. With slim lipo and PAL system, we can safely remove a large volume of fat and can achieve the desired results with less discomfort and downtime.

The first step is to call our friendly staff and book a one on one consultation with our cosmetic surgeon Dr Mark Attalla
During the consultation, we will discuss your full medical history in details and will thoroughly examine you.
After examination the doctor will advise you on the suitability of the procedure, set the right expectations for the outcome, discuss with you the procedure in details and other available alternative options and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want during the consultation to have a good idea about the procedure and to be rest assured that you make the right decision also the doctor will discuss the side effects in details and the costs involved.
Before you leave the clinic our friendly staff will give you a folder that contains a hard copy of more information about the procedure and referral for a blood test that you can use should you decide to go ahead with the procedure.

The procedure is done under sedation and that lowers the patient’s stress before and during surgery. The skin is injected with local anaesthesia and then a small nick in the skin, and then tumescent is injected under the skin to numb the whole area. The laser is used first under the skin to melt the fat and tightens the skin and then power assisted suction (PAL) is used gently under the skin where the cannula vibrates and breaks the remaining fat without using any power force.
PAL has much stronger power to remove more fat from the patient than conventional liposuction without the need to use any man power force.
After the procedure, the patient should wear a compression garment for about 4 weeks. The garment is designed to support the tissues and to minimise the chances of bruising and swelling.

Tumescent anaesthesia is a large volume of diluted local anaesthesia that has the advantage of numbing the liposuction area and at the same time, it shrinks the blood vessels which minimises the discomfort during the surgery and any chance of bleeding after the surgery.

Recovery is very rapid. It is quite common to sense some tenderness and some patients could resume work the very next day. A compression garment will be worn on the treated section for 4-6 weeks.
While results may differ for each patient they cannot be guaranteed. On consultation, Dr Attalla will be able to advise you if you are a good candidate for the Slim Lipo procedure.

Minor & Common Complications: Negligible complications do not pose a threat to the patient’s life or affect their bodily functions or interfere with their work ability.
Trivial complications: Cover Temporary bruising, Seroma, allergic reactions to drugs, irregularities of the skin or unevenness and hematomas.
Less common side effects: Include necrotizing fasciitis, infection and local Anaesthesia risks

Usually, we make 4-5 small nicks in the skin and it is about 3 mm wide and usually it heals within a week to ten days with hardly any marks after a few months of recovery.

The patient can start light exercise in one week and can return to full exercise in 2-3 weeks.



At our Chelsea Heights location, we only have the facilities to handle all surgical procedures, double chin injections, anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant, and dermal fillers (liquid face lifts, lip fillers and nose jobs). The Templestowe Clinic can handle all procedures detailed on this website.