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Persistent Leg Fat That You Can’t Run Off? Try Thigh Liposuction in Melbourne

Leg fat can be some of the hardest body fat to get rid of through exercise and diet. Localised leg fat can also be the result of a genetic predisposition. Leg fat is superficial due to the lack of compartments in the legs to store excess fat, meaning it is also seen straight away.

Thigh liposuction can solve this issue for you quickly with minimal pain and recovery time, giving you a figure that helps boost your self-confidence and comfort levels.

Enhance the shape of your leg and watch your thighs completely transform. You will see immediate results and many patients often create better habits including exercise and a healthier diet after a liposuction procedure to help maintain their new look.

Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne have qualified cosmetic surgeons that can ensure that you are the right candidate for thigh liposuction while answering any questions you may have to ensure that you are completely happy and confident with your decision.

thigh liposuction
Achieve slimmer thighs and feel more confident at the beach.

Achieve slimmer and firmer thighs

If you are considering thigh liposuction to help achieve the body you desire, Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne's team is well experienced and knowledgeable to help you with your decision making. Thigh surgery via liposuction involves;

  • Removal of fat deposits in the thigh
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve overall health

People who feel self-conscious about certain areas of their bodies may avoid particular social situations and diminishing their enjoyment levels. Thigh liposuction can help enhance your legs natural contours by removing unwanted fat and give you newfound confidence. The procedure is appropriate for people of all ages over 18 with the only difference being skin elasticity (more of an issue in older patients) and how smooth the skin will be once healed.

thigh lipo
Thigh liposuction before and after result for our patient.

Excess fat in the inner and outer thighs can often give the appearance of a pear-shaped body; thigh liposuction can help the lower body be in better proportion to the upper body.

The two main areas that thigh liposuction target are:

  1. Outer Thighs - removing the bulge commonly referred to as "saddlebags"
  2. Inner Thighs - feel more comfortable in swimwear and avoid the irritation that can be caused by the thighs rubbing together and chafing the skin

“Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another appropriately qualified health practitioner.”


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The legs are very delicate, so a slightly different approach is taken compared to upper body liposuction.  This procedure is called Leg Contouring. The main benefit of this technique is the ability to treat the legs circumferentially, making it less invasive than other cosmetic procedures.

The contouring can be performed on the inner, outer, front and back thighs. Ultrasound technology will break down the fat cells which sit in the subcutaneous layer of the skin then it is removed in liquid form.

thigh surgery
Thigh liposuction before and after, slimming the sides of the leg.



outer thighs case study

Case Study 1

A young patient with athletic body has excess fat in the outer thighs. Precision liposuction to improve the outer thighs while keeping the outer thighs curvature was requested. Slim liposuction was used to have high precision liposuction and to minimize post liposuction cellulite.

outer thighs case study 2

Case Study 2

The patient has been conscious about his lower body and has find it difficult to wear swimming suite. Slim Liposuction was done with sculpturing of the inner thighs, inner knees and outer thighs. Post liposuction ONDA for cellulite treatment is recommended.

outer thighs case study 3

Case Study 3

This patient has a curved narrow waist and outer thigh is not proportionate. Slim Liposculpture procedure was performed and outer thigh was sculptured and its curve was maintained.

outer thighs case study 4

Case Study 4

The patient has concerns regarding the back of the thigh and Banna area at the back of the thigh. Slim liposuction with liposculpturing of the back of the thigh were performed to remove the excess fat and to minimize cellulite at the back of the thigh.


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The same method can be applied to calves and ankles, more generally the fat below the knee.
While the procedure itself will be performed under anaesthesia, the recovery period can cause a slight level of discomfort. Some patients experience slight bruising which will usually subside in a few weeks and patients can leave the clinic soon after the procedure and an examination by the medical staff.
Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne ensures that all of our patients are given all of the critical aftercare information they may require for a speedy recovery.
Some scarring may occur as a result of the required incisions needed to perform the surgery. However our surgeons work to strategically place these in low impact areas, and they can be minimised with aftercare products.



The cost of the thigh liposuction procedure is dependent on the specific case and needs of the patient as the amount of fat that must be removed will determine the cost and length of the operation. We encourage patients to talk to us here at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne to not only discuss any questions or concerns that they may have about thigh liposuction but also to determine the cost. At an initial consultation, our highly trained medical staff will assess your eligibility for the procedure.

Have a read of our costs page for a full breakdown.



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